STEED reinvented by its community

steed aims to build an efficient circular ecosystem that brings all horse lovers in a new innovative way.
Join us and be a part of something revolutionary.

About us

Our vision

We are proud to announce the debut of the Steed cryptocurrency, which was accomplished via an innovative blockchain concept. As a team, we've worked hard to empower and educate individuals from all walks of life with our innovative initiatives. It is our goal to help people embrace the emergence of digital financial markets and help them make the switch to digital, crypto-based payment solutions powered by the capabilities of blockchain technology.

Our goals

Steed token will be the official digital money for all horse communities and owners, and we want to make it as simple as possible for buyers and sellers throughout the globe to come together, interact, and trade. Our goal has always been to aid in the rapid development of a global virtual economy based on cutting-edge technologies. Most exciting of all, NFT owners will be able to create and breed their own stallions.

Our community

Steed is a community-driven project with the primary goal of attracting as many people as possible to adapt and educate themselves on the usage of new financial innovations in their day-to-day lives. In order to accomplish this goal, we will be conducting frequent stations all over the globe to allow people to take part in the project.

Press Release

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Token Allocation

More Token Info

Token Name: STEED
Token Symbol: $STD
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 $Steed
Token burn: 40%
Total liquidity: 40% Tokens Added to Uniswap
Future Development,Marketing: 10%

Steed App

Watch our demo video

The Steed Team has also built a decentralized marketplace where anyone can buy and sell their horses, NFTs and more.

How To Buy Steed

Step 1: Download MetaMask or Trust Wallet

You can download the MetaMask app here or Trust Wallet app here. You can also use MetaMask on desktop by downloading the Google Chrome extension.
You can also use any other ERC-20 compatible wallet for which you own the private keys.
Do not send to an exchange wallet unless $STD is officially listed on that exchange and has a deposit address.

Step 2: Connect wallet to ERC-20 Network

Cryptocurrencies and tokens are often on different networks known as blockchains.
Since the $STD token is on ERC-20, you will need to connect your wallet to ERC-20 if it isn’t already.
This process is pretty quick and easy, anyone can do it following some simple instructions.

Step 3: Get ETH

Before you can actually buy any token on the ERC-20, you must first send some ETH to your wallet. You can send ETH from another wallet including exchange wallets like Binance and Coinbase.
Every transaction on ERC-20 uses ETH to pay a very small gas fee. You will see the gas fee details when you confirm the transaction in your wallet.
You do not need to pay gas fees when buying a token from a centralized exchange like Binance, but are required to when buying from a Decentralized exchange (DEX) like Uniswap. Remember that you can actually swap any ERC-20token for another, so you can swap $STD into any other ERC-20 token on Uniswap at any time.

Step 4: Buy $STD

Now you have ETH in your wallet, and you can buy $STD.
Here is a little more info on how to use Uniswap.
Uniswap Trading Guide
Once you have bought $STD, you will need to manually add the token to your wallet to reflect your balance.
Add token to Trust Wallet guide
Add token to MetaMask guide
Congratulations, now you have $STD in your wallet! Join us as we HODL and ascend on our space mission! Check out our Roadmap, and if you need help or have questions, chat with us in our Telegram group.